How to Build a Mobile Banking App: Cost Estimate, Unique Features

Some of them may offer a set percentage of cashback on all purchases, while others may offer different rates for different types of purchases or at specific merchants. Others may also offer cashback bonuses for meeting certain spending thresholds or for using certain features of the app. The Bank of America app is offered by Bank of America, one of the largest commercial banks in the United States. A mobile app empowers banks and clients to keep in touch conveniently 24/7, enhancing service quality and creating an important channel for cultivating customer loyalty. Push notifications can inform users about credit services, rates, new opportunities, etc. When the development team chooses to make hybrid mobile apps, they must use technologies like PhoneGap, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

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Banks with low operating costs can offer lower service fees and extended grace periods, poaching clients from traditional rivals. Minimized bureaucracy and personal interactions with a digital bank can appeal to consumers that value privacy and workflows without papers and even plastic cards – to eco-conscious consumers. Still, mobile applications offer additional layers of security, such as multi-factor authentication and encryption.

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Help users see bank balance, track spendings, record history, and analyze habits. You can go even further by offering people to set saving goals, create investing plans, and automate regular payments. While developing the banking app, we used this approach, to make the final product more tolerant to any type of fault, as well as ensure high availability and scalability. Also, with improved deployment speed and facilitated infrastructure maintenance, the bank got the opportunity to deliver new functionality and customizations faster. Revolut (4.7 App Store rating), a UK-based online bank and app, takes the user experience to the next level, placing it at the near top of what Revolut is as a business.

When choosing a mobile banking app development partner, you should choose someone who follows the standard app development process. This will help ensure the exceptional quality of your online banking and payment application. In addition, security is also an important part of your application, especially since you are dealing with people’s data and the most tangible sphere – cash payments. May 18, 1995, was the day when Wells Fargo American bank first offered customers internet banking. Since then, almost 27 years have passed, and now around 2.5 billion users across the globe are actively using online banking services.

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companies usually build such mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PhoneGap. Also,
they run these internet banking solutions using a specific container. That Linux Engineer Job Descriptions, Salary, and Interview Questions enables mobile
banking app developers to embed such solutions in native apps. Here is a fantastic solution that will help you all overcome the aforementioned difficulties.

Imagine forming your own main page dashboard with widgets that show exactly what you want at a glance. This feature will add a lot of value to your app, even though it’s not part of the core system functionality. You want your users to be able to log in quickly with their biometric data – FaceID, fingerprint, and PIN codes. Ideally, a user must be able to combine these security methods at will, having one of the selected steps inactive during active use.

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Intelligent assistants reduce the load on the support, are available 24/7, and allow you to speed up the processing of requests, even if there are many of them. Even experts can not predict all possible errors that apps might face after joining the real world. Thus, keep an eye on the feedback shared by users to apply proper maintenance on your app if required. These updates will attract app maintenance costs as well that you need to plan beforehand.

How do you create a Fintech and banking platform?

  1. Determine your niche and ensure legal compliances.
  2. Decide features and estimate costs.
  3. Create/Hire a team.
  4. UI/UX Design.
  5. Develop MVP.
  6. Improve and Support your Fintech App.

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