5 Qualities of a Successful Promotional Video


Videos have revolutionized the online space, and there can’t be a better time to utilize their power and gain more followers, audience, revenue, or engagement. Even though promotional videos offer unprecedented power, it can be a bit tricky to identify the most important elements of a successful one. Does it need to be recorded with professional quality equipment? Is an overall bright look all that you need for it to go viral? Does it take more than just a good script for the promotional video to be successful?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula to create engaging and viral promotional videos, there are still a few ground rules you can use. Ensuring these qualities in your promotional video increases its chances of being liked and circulated more. A wider audience will engage and enjoy the promotional video enabling you to spread your message to more people than you expected. Here are the five essential qualities every high-converting and thoroughly engaging promotional video has.

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  1. Cut straight to the point

 One would say that it is good to generate a lot of suspense about the video and then deliver the punchline right at the end or somewhere around the middle. However, this is better suited to a movie or a short film rather than a promotional video that needs to cut the chase. Your audience must get hooked on it immediately for them to stay with the video and watch it till the end. If there’s anything worse than people not watching your video, it is people ditching your video in the first one minute.

Deliver the crux of your video in the first ten seconds and then add more information that you’d like to share. Continue this into the rest of your video and ensure that you aren’t dragging the point at any moment. Whether your video is two minutes long or twenty, you must always hold the viewer’s attention and excitement to ensure that the engagement levels do not fall. Cutting straight to the point also helps in keeping your video short. This way, you would not add any unnecessary information in your video and only include elements that add value to the subject matter.

  1. Utilize the art of storytelling

 Even if it is a promotional video, you must learn how to tell stories and emote well with them. This helps you connect with your audience at an emotional level and tug at their heart to sway their purchasing decision. However, this doesn’t mean that you use false information to negatively influence or manipulate their decision. Humans make decisions largely from an emotional front and you must make use of this to truly connect with your audience. Build characters that are likable and emotional. Add imageries that evoke emotion. Use on-screen text to fill in the gaps of the video and pull it all together. When you can make your audience feel something about your brand, your product, or your mission, you have a higher chance of making a purchase right away.

  1. It must be likable

 A quick GIF of your product and its features might not be the best video to put out there. Since written communication is very limited, you can’t always connect with your audience the way you wish. The message can get blurred out, the context might not be very engaging, and most people wouldn’t want to go through a lot of text. Because of this, you lose out on many chances of coming across as a likable brand that can offer a lot of value to their audience. This is why every promotional video should just talk about features and discounts but must have likable elements.

You can add people with genuine smiles, talk about happy emotions, and let your audience know not about your product’s features but how they add value to people’s lives and help them out daily. Even if your promotional video is illustrative, you can still include all of these elements without a doubt. Remember, people are more likely to buy from businesses that are likable, and showing your humane side is the best way to go about it.

  1. Include a Unique Value Proposition without fail

 What makes a promotional video stand out is the one thing that it offers differently from all your competitors. Including a Unique Value Proposition or a USP becomes crucially important in such cases. Whether you want to make it hilarious or do something incredibly edgy and risque, the choice is up to you. However, you need to do that by identifying the most important benefit you are offering from your product or service and utilize that to propose purchasing from your brand. Alternatively, you could also highlight the most unique thing about your brand. When you are able to identify and create a video around your USP, you are also able to share a singular strong message with your target audience that doesn’t get washed out by other elements in the promotional video.

  1. Do not forget your CTA

 CTAs or Call To Action(s) is incredibly important when it comes to promotional videos. You need to redirect your audience to a page that pushes them further ahead in the buyers’ journey. You could ask them to go to the link in the bio and purchase the product from there. Alternatively, you can ask them to download an ebook and go through it or redirect them to another video or blog on your website. If you want to keep things simple and uncomplicated, simply ask your audience to like and share the video. Gently pushing your viewer to the next step is crucial to keep them connected, engaged, and increase their likelihood of making a purchase.

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