9 Ways 3D Graphics Can Benefit Your New E-Commerce Store


Graphics have such a powerful impact on the customer buying journey. Research shows that using graphics in your website or digital store can ensure that site visitors remember 65% of the information they see, even 3 days after they visited your site.

Often, brands rely on 2D graphics like stock images or charts and tables to create a visual appeal. But there is a better way to create a more powerful e-commerce store aesthetic. This is through 3D graphics.

Crafted can design 3D graphics to enhance your e-commerce brand


At Crafted, our team of specialized graphic designers and website developers have extensive experience creating 3D graphical elements for sites and e-commerce stores. We keep track of the most popular 3D graphic design trends and incorporate them into your site.

Our professionals will create 3D graphics that resonate with your brand’s personality. We can develop a site that is interactive, fun, and visually engaging. Contact us for more information.


What are 3D graphics?

3D graphics refers to any graphical element on a site that is created in 3D. As opposed to just having a height and width, your graphical elements will also have depth. 3D graphics are usually designed using state-of-the-art animation and CAD technology.

What graphical components of your website can you make 3D?

The sky is the limit when you want to implement 3D graphics on your e-store or website. Almost every element or component of your e-store can be transformed into 3D, including:

  • Product images
  • In-video elements
  • Words & fonts
  • Lines
  • Background textures
  • Store colors
  • Brand logo

Changing these into 3D can help you connect with site visitors better and encourage them towards purchase.

Top 9 benefits of using 3D graphics on your e-store or website

  1. 3D graphics can create a much better psychological impact than 2D graphics

3D graphics can help you significantly improve your website appearance. Unlike 2D graphics, which can look flat and lifeless, 3D graphics can add a creative spark to your website. They look more compelling than other types of graphics and can hook people to your site.

In reality, e-store visitors judge your brand and your offerings based on their perception of your website. If they see chic and smart-looking 3D graphics on the site, they’ll associate your brand with high quality and creativity.

  1. 3D graphics can be used to highlight key components/features of your products

Let’s say you’re selling a product that has a lot of component parts -for example, a laptop or a washing machine. You can use 3D graphics to build a 3D image of your laptop. You can design the image in such a way that clicking on each component part will bring it forward, which can then be turned around in different directions, picked up & moved about, and re-sized by the person interacting with them.

Here, 3D graphics will allow you to help your site visitor to get a close-up view of your product features and appreciate its quality better.

  1. 3D graphics are essential if you want to create an immersive service experience

Consider services like real estate showing. In a time like the coronavirus pandemic, it is ill-advised to bring your prospects over to the physical property. Simple 2D photos won’t replace the experience of an actual showing. But, an immersive service experience through 3D graphics can do this.

In the case of a real estate showing, you can digitally construct the property on your website and allow the visitor to take a tour of the property. Since it’s in 3D, your prospect will be able to “move around” the property and have a near-real tour of the development. You can even make the 3D elements interactive, for example, if they turn a doorknob, the door opens. This will increase your chances of conversion.

  1. 3D graphics can help you promote a product/service that doesn’t photograph well

Let’s take frozen foods as an example here. Frozen foods like peas, carrots, and meat don’t really look great. In fact, they look terrible because they’re kept in cold storage for days. When you photograph such products, the result may be quite unphotogenic. If you were to use these photos for your grocery store website, you could lose a lot of customers.

This is where 3D graphics help. They can be used to change the poor elements of photographs, making the final outcome look fresher and more attractive.

  1. 3D graphics help you make your CTAs more eye-catching and memorable

CTAs play a huge role in getting e-store visitors to contact you. But most CTAs are just a string of words that are bunched together in a corner of the site. This will have zero positive effect on your sales.

Instead, imagine a 3D CTA that your site visitors need to build to read. Think about it. It’s a simple 3D puzzle or Rubik’s cube with the CTA written on it. It appears as a game on the page when the customer logs on. They need to complete the game to read your CTA message. How memorable will that be?

You can rest assured that people will mention your brand’s creativity when they see this type of CTA.

  1. 3D graphics can make very visually compelling marketing materials before the launch of the product/service

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about anticipation. While a press release or a conventional teaser video can help you keep up the mystique, they’re options that a lot of brands use.

Instead, consider using a 3D graphic element for your pre-launch marketing. By sharing 3D product images or 3D videos, you can create a stunning “pop-out” effect, which can make your pre-launch marketing very engaging.

  1. 3D graphics allow you to share corporate information in a fun and interactive way

Let’s say you want to show your employees and customers a Year In Review. Instead of making a 2D video or writing a 1000-word newsletter about it, use 3D graphics. You make your website page a 3D portal of sorts by adding depth to the page.

To see your year in review, site visitors will have to click on-site elements like words or images to “dive into” that element and land somewhere new. You can even optimize the page to be pulled/changed in direction – so your visitors can quite literally get a 360-degree view of your company.

  1. 3D graphics can be used to allow site visitors to build their own products/bundles

One of the main uses of 3D graphics in e-stores is to allow prospects to examine the product in detail. But what if you go a step further? In addition to using 3D graphical elements on your site, you can allow prospects to change the color, shape, or texture of the product based on the variants you offer. Your prospects can then develop their own product or build a bundle for themselves.

This type of playful, fun, and immersive experience will give prospects the sense that they were involved in the product creation. This can have a great psychological impact, stimulating their desire to make the purchase.

  1. 3D graphics are more shareable than other visual content

Let’s face it. The above advantages should tell you why 3D graphics are more shareable and social media-friendly compared to traditional 2D graphics. When people are actively sharing your website with others, it is bound to increase your e-store traffic. This, in turn, can increase the chances of leads and conversions.

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