Communicate Your Brand Story with Web Design

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We’ve all been told about how first impressions matter. However, we generally apply it in the context of meeting people for the first time. However, the application of the idea doesn’t end there. Even businesses need to put this “mindset” into practice.

In fact, it matters much more for a business to impress its customers and clients right away than it does for an individual. Customers do not typically provide second chances and a failure to impress one can lead to the loss of a significant opportunity.

Now, there are many ways in which a business can impress its customer base. One way to do so is by focusing on website design.

When it comes to website design, the presentation is of the utmost importance. There are several elements, such as graphics, content organization, text, etc., that come together to deliver a memorable user experience. To cut a long story short, it’s all about making that first impression. Your website is the most noticeable marketing tool in today’s digitized business landscape. It’s the one thing that your prospects are going to inspect and make use of even before they convert into full-blown customers. So, it’s essential that you consider your website’s design to be a core part of the branding process.

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Begin with an Introduction

The best stories usually begin with an exceptional introduction.

In today’s digital era, your introduction needs to grab a prospect’s attention. As you know, a major drawback of the digital age is that attention spans have reduced drastically. So, focusing on your design and content is more important than ever. Your homepage is the first point of entry, and as a result, it needs to offer clear information. The goal is to communicate to the prospect or visitor that they’re in the right place, especially if they’ve arrived via traditional search methods.

The information presented in your homepage needs to be relevant, brief, and “to the point.”

For instance, you can make things visible by placing an impactful and meaning headline. Then, provide support by adding in relevant graphics or images.

Sometimes, a simple mixture of background video, creative writing, and imagery is all you need to get things going.

Do Not Ignore the Homepage Essentials

Your homepage should highlight your brand. A brief, but clear, introduction is extremely engaging. This should be kept up further by brief overviews for each product or service.

Ensure that your color, typography, and iconography are consistent with your overall visual design

Provide navigational elements, such as hyperlinked buttons that take the user to new pages or even external sources of information. This way, you can offer detailed information without overcrowding the homepage.

Show the User Why You’re Unique

There’s obviously something that sets your brand apart within the industry. Make a list of all the differentiating e Narrow down this list to the most significant ones and discuss each of them. Support those elements with the help and of graphics, statistics, videos, or testimonials etc. Don’t get into too many details. Focus on the core information and keep things short.

General Advice

Now, there’s no denying that each brand has its own story to narrate. After all, that’s the goal – to stand out and get noticed because you’re different. However, being different doesn’t mean you can’t apply a standard set of rules to your website design strategy.

We’ve listed out a few tips that will guide you towards an appealing design.

  • 1. Avoid Presenting Too Much Information

    Never present more than the necessary amount of information within a given timeframe. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a lot to say about your business. Just avoid it for the time being.

    Proper web design always begins with a sitemap. The sitemap allows you to organize your site, providing you with an overview of all the site’s pages. Make sure all your detailed content goes into the subpages. On the homepage, keep things brief. This will help you keep the story neat and clean.

  • 2. Include Value

    Consider including a section for extra information on your site. This can be a “News” or “Resources” section. These additional sections can prove to be very useful if you’re looking to add extra content.

    Also, keep them updated for the sake of search engine optimization. Other than that, updated information communicates to your prospects that you are in sync with the industry and aware of what’s going on.

    Include downloadable bits of content. This helps boost brand value significantly. Plus, they can serve as teaching or promotional tools. It’s an engaging way to draw people towards your brand.

  • 3. Differentiate

    As stated earlier, there’s too much competition today, within the business landscape. So, it’s necessary to highlight what’s uniquely good about your brand.

  • 4. Establish Trust

    No business can truly stand the test of time if it fails to establish trusts. So, make sure you’re creating trust among your audience. Include elements that make your company appear as being trustworthy.

    For instance, you can include statistics, videos, partner testimonials, vendor testimonials, customer testimonials etc. on the home page. This will help lend some credibility.

  • 5. Turn Prospects into Leads

    Makes sure you’ve got a contact form included into your site. This is very important. After all, no prospect should be made to run to and fro just to get in touch with your business. Contacting your business should be one of the easiest and smoothest experiences.

Apart from offering contact forms, make sure you provide downloadable resources and a chat feature. This is one of the best ways to reach out to your customer.

There are many factors to be considered when crafting a brand story. But thanks to the ever-present internet, it’s always worth the effort.

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