Digital Marketing Trends That Are Likely To Be Big in 2022

the digital marketing trends that are likely to be big in 2021

2022 is upon us, and it’s time that marketers everywhere around the world head to their drawing boards to plan their digital marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for inspiration, maybe this list of the Top 8 digital marketing trends for 2021 will help.

Let’s get started.

Trend #1: Inclusivity is the name of the game

The Black Lives Matter movement brought to the fore the importance of inclusivity in everyday life. While some companies were mindful of inclusivity in their digital marketing before, in 2021, it will become the need of the hour.

Today’s Gen Y and millennial buyers, in particular, have become very particular about inclusivity in branding and marketing. Already 41% of buyers have shifted allegiance from noninclusive retailers to those who are inclusive.

Not having representation from diverse populations can be detrimental to your digital marketing campaigns.

Trend #2: Zero click searches will become the goal

When you search for something on Google, you come across a link, followed by a small section of text that provides the key content of the website. These are featured snippets, and they’re set to become the goal of search marketing in 2021.

Studies indicate that, when compared to a normal #1 ranking site without snippets, a site with featured snippets gets 26% more clicks and traffics. But these clicks come at a much slower pace. People read your snippet first and then choose whether to browse your site or not.

The goal here is to forego instant clicks to get your own featured snippet that can bring in qualified leads.

Trend #3: In-website advertisements won’t be as favored as before

Customers have been using ad blockers for years. But research indicates that the number of people using ad blockers will increase by 27% in 2021. This means in-website advertisements will become even more ineffective than they already are.

One of the main reasons why prospects don’t like advertisements is that ads make the brand seem too promotional and less authentic. So, it’s best not to use banner ads or pop-up advertisements on your website or blog. You can use other digital marketing techniques to convey promotional images and still sound authentic.

Trend #4: It’s all about interactive infographics

Infographics have an immensely high conversion rate. In fact, studies indicate that visually showcasing content can increase revenue per customer by 17%. This is just for a normal, static infographic.

Interactive infographics – those which you can interact with through clicks and built-in games – have been forecasted to bring in more revenue. This is mainly because they’re all the more engaging than conventional infographics.

Interactive infographics leverage the art of storytelling by quite literally bringing your brand to life. Using them on your site or e-store can hook prospects who’re discovering your brand for the first time.

Trend #5: Focus will be on green campaigns

Customers today are getting increasingly environmentally conscious. Around 70% of US and Canadian customers prefer to purchase from brands that either create green products or implement some form of sustainable operations/marketing strategy.

If you want to build loyal patronage, then it’s imperative that you show your eco-friendliness in your digital marketing campaigns. A simple campaign about your brand using only digital payment receipts and not paper bills can tell prospects that you care about the environment.

Trend #6: Shoppable videos will outrank traditional videos

If you’ve watched Collishop’s advertisement for their vacuum cleaners and other cleaning appliances, you’ll know how engaging shoppable videos are.

Shoppable videos take video advertising to a completely new level. They allow customers to see the brand’s entire range of products displayed creatively. But they give viewers the option of pausing the video mid-way to explore a specific product they’re interested in. This way, you reduce the time gap between a prospect watching a promotional video and searching for the product.

This type of instantaneous access to the shopping site increases the likelihood of purchase.

Trend #7: Transparency about stock availability & shipping will be paramount to prevent customer attrition

The coronavirus pandemic has made it exceptionally difficult for companies to set clear deadlines for product delivery. Some brands even struggled to fulfill orders they had promised ages ago because of stock unavailability. But the worst part was that many of these brands failed to properly communicate these issues to their customers.

According to a McKinsey report, poor communication about order fulfillment is one of the main reasons for customer attrition, especially during the covid19 period. If you want to retain your customers in 2021, it’s important to keep them updated about stock availability, shipping carrier reliability, and order fulfillment capability.

If you’re not sure if you can fulfill the orders, it’s better to be honest and request customers to wait.

Trend #8: 360-degree images and videos can be game-changers

The concept of 360-degree videos and images was first introduced in 2016. But, the advancements in virtual reality and artificial intelligence have allowed the world to stretch the boundaries of what constitutes 360-degree content.

The great thing is, most social platforms support 360-degree images and videos. You can use them to give prospective customers an immersive experience/insight into your products and services. The core benefits of your offering can be better explained, helping you connect with prospects better.

If you’re wondering if 360-degree content is worth the investment, here’s a promising statistic that you’ll like to know about. 29% of video viewers tend to watch 360-degree marketing videos through to the end, no matter how long they are, compared to conventional videos.


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