Here are Logo Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2021


If there’s one thing that a customer notices first about a brand, it’s the logo. In fact, the logo design you adopt plays a pivotal role in determining the conversion of a site visitor. Think about it. Would you purchase from a brand whose logo looks like it’s from the ’70s? Younger customers, in particular, prefer to do business with brands that are relevant and follow designs that are in vogue.

This list of the top ten logo design trends for 2021 will help you connect with your customers better and effect positive first impressions and faster conversions:

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  1. Logos are going simple

While bright colors and shapes have been reigning in the world of logo design for years, we may see something different in 2021. For one, trends indicate that logos designed using fine lines or those that are colored in pastel gradients are going to be more popular.

Customers have started to look for clean designs over visually stimulating ones. A primary reason is that clean and simplistic logos allow customers to differentiate between hundreds of competing brands by acting as a starkly different visual identifier.

  1. Chaos is also in

While we speak about simplicity, we have to mention that there is still a place for chaos in logo design – artistic and smartly-planned chaos that is.

Whether it’s an upside-down logo or one which has quirky animations crawling all over it, chaotic logos will find a place with certain brands. For example, a gaming company or an on-demand-content provider, whose primary target market includes people Gen Y and younger, will perform great with such “young-looking” logos.

  1. The more creative the typography, the better

In 2020, typefaces like Beatrice and Gilroy (amongst others) are seeing higher usage than the conventional Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica. But in 2021, we’ll be seeing a surge in demand for unique-looking typography.

Experts believe that using typography that is completely distinctive, inventive, and representative of the brand’s ethos will help brands better engage with customers. Typography is one of the few powerful tools you can use to pack a punch with your logo. By using typography that speaks about your brand personality, can help attract like-minded customers.

  1. Overlapping, geometric logos will have takers

Geometric logos have been in use for some time. But they’ve been predominantly used in an industry-specific manner. For example, circles are used by medical care or social service companies because they represent inclusivity and love.

But in 2021, we’ll see greater acceptance of geometric shapes across all industries. We’ll see more brands experimenting with geometric shapes that were monopolized by other industries.

Geometric logos won’t just be simple shapes. But they’ll leverage the power of 3D, gradient palettes, and overlapping designs, in particular, to create a visual impact. Aesthetically speaking, overlapping geometric logos add a feeling of depth, maturity, and expertise because of the visual illusion they create. This can make a brand look classy.

  1. Negative space can create real magic

While positive space refers to the primary artwork of the logo, negative space refers to space around and in-between the logo design. While earlier many brands focused exclusively on positive space, in 2021, we’ll see negative space gaining ground.

Negative space, if used well, can offer a tremendous amount of brand information through cleverly placed illusions. Take Landfit, for example. Their logo effortlessly uses negative space to convey their message of afforestation, gardening, and sustainability. This type of logo allows prospective customers to learn more about a brand with one look, strengthening their positive brand impression.

  1. Old school imagery will be very popular

The coronavirus pandemic helped the world understand the value of family and cultural heritage. In fact, more people chose the time of lockdowns to learn about their familial history and cultural/religious practices than ever before. This practice has seeped into design preferences as well.

More people today are preferring to interact with brands that evoke a sense of cultural familiarity. It’s no wonder that brands are trying to incorporate ancient symbols (like angels or goblets) and old imagery (such as stained-glass designs) into their logos.

It’s okay if you don’t want to completely revamp your logo. Just tweaking it with a few old-school elements can do the trick.

  1. It’ll be all about perspective

It’s not often that we see logos that champion perspective. For a long time, brands have sacrificed perspective in favor of flat logo designs. This might be changing in 2021.

Just as with negative space, perspective can help add distinct visual imagery to a brand logo. Just by shifting the perspective with which a logo is viewed, brands can convey key information to prospects.

One of the best features of perspective is that you can do a lot with a simplistic design. For example, brands can use only fine line drawings for a logo. They can foreshorten the logo, add depth or curve it, and transform its identity for the better.

  1. Portraiture-based logos will come into vogue

There’s something so personable and comforting seeing Colonel Sanders’ picture on the KFC logo. His portraiture lends an air of respectability to the brand. This is what portraiture does to a logo – it makes the brand seem friendlier and trustworthy.

Trends show that in 2021, portrait-based logos that champion the company owner’s face will become very popular. Using portraiture in your logo offers a great benefit, particularly when you’re targeting a niche market. The logo can be used to show prospects that you’re just like them, and the product/service has been tailored for them.

9. Symmetry and balance in the logo will showcase trustworthiness and elegance

Balance and symmetry in design have such a calming and gentle appeal. They create an impression of the brand being very clean, clear, the expert at what they do. There’s no jarring imagery or dramatic change, which would indicate unpredictability. Instead, balance and symmetry showcase the quite strength of something trustworthy – a brand that has held up its promise to customers for years.

For luxury and legacy brands, in particular, balance and symmetry will play a huge role in conveying this sense of predictability and trustworthiness, particularly in this unpredictable time of the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Static motion is gaining popularity

For some companies, particularly like technology, gaming, education, etc., the idea conveys a sense of dynamism. These brands are in industries that are constantly evolving. Stagnation means the end of customer patronage. It’s important for such companies to show prospects that they are dynamic, adaptable, and responsive. So, it stands to reason that their logos are as robust as they are.

This is where static motion logo designs come in. You’ll see greater demand for static motion logos at a time when customers want to be assured that the brand they trust is “on top of things.”

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