How Digital Marketing Services Reduce Duplicate Content?

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Duplication of marketing content is a major problem that digital marketing services in USA face very often. Creation of creative and up-to-date content on frequent basis is important for targeting potential prospects and generating valuable business profit. Website ranking can be affected if your website has duplicate web content. Hence, countering duplicate content issues is as important as any other marketing tactic.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content refers to the block of content that is similar to another piece of content already published somewhere else. According to Raven, pages with duplicate content are one of the top five common issues of off-page SEO. Around 29% of pages have this issue. When the search engine finds similar content in more than one location on the internet; it becomes difficult for it to decide which page is more relevant to user’s query. Hence, SEO is affected and marketing strategies don’t get the desired outcome.

Ways to Reduce Content Duplication Issues:

The most effective way to reduce content duplication is by specifying content with the canonical tag. This tag specifies that particular URL is the master copy of the page. This can be done in three simple ways as explained below:

Rel=”Canonical” tag:

This tag is used to identify that given webpage is the copy of another specified webpage. It allows the search engine to pass equity of ranking, backlinks, and quality of content to the original webpage as well. SEO services in the USA analyze websites over this tag and rank accordingly.

Coding Format:



<link href= “URL of original webpage” rel= “canonical” />



Rel=”canonical” is added to each HTML head of the duplicate page with the original URL. It passes the same amount of link equity as 301 redirects described below. Moreover, a self-referential rel=canonical tag can also be used. It points web page to the existing web pages within the same URL and prevents your site from scrapers. It takes less development time as it is implemented on page level rather than on the server level. And, it helps search engines improve your website ranking.

301 Redirect Method:

Redirection is a process of directing one URL to another. 301 redirect is a method that permanently redirects duplicate web page to the original content page. It passes around 90%-99% of link equity between two websites. For example, if web page A has duplicate content from webpage B; web page A uses the 301 redirect method and directs its visitors to webpage B via hyperlink.

It helps search engine to rank web page having more inbound links, higher in SERP. As in the above-mentioned example, web page B will be ranked higher, as it has a vote of confidence in the form of an inbound link. Both sites create strong relevancy to each other. And the search engine easily analyzes and ranks both sites.

Meta Robots:

Another way of dealing with duplicate content is using Meta robots. As, values= “noindex, follow”. This tag is included in HTML head for each web page that should not be indexed by the search engine.

Code Format:



<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, follow”>



It is necessary that duplicate web pages are analyzed by crawlers even if they are not to be indexed. Because Google takes cautions against restrictions like making a judgemental call; if it is not allowed to crawl a webpage. Hence to prevent such scenarios and avoid a fall back in search engine ranking; “meta robots noindex follow” tag is used.


Duplicate content is an issue that can affect your website ranking and online business presence.  But, these are some of the techniques which can help in optimizing content. That helps in improving your website’s ranking.

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