Tips To Build A Memorable Brand Identity Using Animated Videos


Over the years, governments around the world have lowered all barriers to entry in different industries. This has heated up competition in almost all sectors, so blending in is no longer good enough.

To get the attention of their target audience, businesses must come up with a strategy to make their brand stand out. To gain a competitive edge, they need to emphasize their values, unique value proposition, and strength.

You must ensure that your business is a trailblazer and not just another face in the crowd. To inspire brand loyalty, you must establish a brand identity and maintain consistency. Moreover, a strong brand identity can help you connect with your target audience on an emotional level and forge long-term winning relationships.

One of the most effective ways to build strong brand identity is through animated videos that communicate the values, strengths, and USPs of a brand in an entertaining way. Animation can bring characters and parallel universes to life.

Unlike live films, animations are not constrained by the laws of physics. It can help you create memorable characters that can associate with your brand for better brand recall.

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Why use animated videos perfect for marketing communication?


Animated videos help you connect with your audience

Animated videos help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level. They are relatable and help grow empathy within viewers. Because animated video characters are created keeping the target audience in mind, your viewers feel more engaged, which further helps enhance brand loyalty.

Increase your online visibility

A study found that explainer videos can boost the average visit time of a website from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. An increase in your website’s average visit time can go a long way in improving your Google ranking, giving your website some much-needed visibility.

Share-worthy animated videos can help you reach and effectively engage your target audience. Every like or share equates to free promotion for your brand.

Help build trust

Having a vast array of products or services doesn’t mean anything if you cannot evoke trust in your consumers. Animated videos can bridge the trust gap by showing your audience that you know them and care. Showing your buyers that you have a deep understanding of their problems will make them feel valued.

Here are some tips for creating your brand identity with animated videos:

Create your buyer persona

First and foremost, you need to understand your target audience accurately. Conduct in-depth research to gather essential information related to your potential leads, such as their age, preferences, job and position, language and accent, favorite websites and brands, and any other relevant data.

Use your findings to create animated characters that resemble your target audience. Your animated characters will help build trust and generate strong identification. In addition, custom-animated characters humanize a brand and evoke emotions.

Videos created with animated characters are identifiable and extremely memorable as they talk about problems that your target audience face in their everyday life,

Integrate your brand’s colors and style into your animated videos

To ensure your animated marketing videos boost brand awareness, incorporate your brand essentials, such as the company logo, typography, and color scheme, in them. Come up with a strategy to wisely use your brand’s colors in your videos, ensuring that they improve brand recall.

When creating explainer videos, make sure your brand colors take center stage because they will speak directly to your target audience.

Tell your brand story

Who does not like an engaging story? Use animated videos to tell your brand story. Create funny, entertaining, and informative clips on recent events or company news.

Did you achieve a milestone recently? What better way to break the news to your possible customers through an explanatory video that explains the significance of the step?

Choose the right animation style

When it comes to animation styles, you will be spoilt for choice. Some popular forms of animated marketing videos that use character animation are cartoon and motion graphic videos and whiteboard animations. Many businesses use character animation to develop their personal brand.

Character animation empowers businesses to tell their brand story without the need to hire actors or filmmakers. Further, character animation can help add visual appeal, enabling the company to tell their story engagingly.

When choosing an animation style, make sure that it is aligned with your marketing goals and that your potential buyers can relate to it. Employ character animation videos when you wish to humanize your brand or present it with some humor.

If, however, you want a more sophisticated style, go with motion graphics. Other options worth considering are whiteboard animation, product demos, and explainer and how-to videos.

Be authentic

When creating animation videos, make sure that they communicate your brand’s values. To build trust, be authentic and unique, and exercise caution when creating marketing content for your videos. Overpromising and under-delivering hurt credibility, so never promise something you cannot deliver.

Make your videos social

You need to craft and execute an effective social marketing strategy to advertise your videos and generate awareness. Promote your videos on all major social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Vimeo.

Remember, consistency is the key to building trust. When promoting your videos on different platforms, answer queries, and resolve complaints promptly. Be coherent with your brand image.

Use custom marketing videos to create an effective branding campaign that aligns your content marketing approach with social strategy. To engage new visitors and eventually turn them into buyers, use custom videos in your tweets, posts, and pins.

Long videos can bore your target audience, which is why it makes sense to keep your videos short. A study found that around 85 percent of users view 30-second videos to the end, whereas two-minute videos are completed by less than 50 percent of users.

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