Unconventional Digital Marketing Strategies That are Effective


When it comes to digital marketing, you’ve probably heard every idea and strategy out there. You even might have tried some of them, and perhaps they worked for you. But let’s not deceive ourselves. Marketing is never a one-time thing and there’s no permanent solution.

Marketing, by nature, is about finding something new and using it to draw attention towards your brand or product. It is a constant process dedicated to finding elements that will entertain your audience and aid with recall.

Now, traditionally speaking, the focus has always been on identifying something that differentiates your product or brand. But it’s possible for that strategy to go dry. That’s when you’re forced to look for something more unconventional.

Fortunately, there are many unconventional digital marketing tactics you can incorporate. They’re just as effective and allow you to keep things going.

Here’s a look at some unconventional digital marketing tactics that you can leverage.

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Step into the Competitor’s Territory

Brands are often skeptical about entering their competitor’s territory. It’s generally considered impolite, and you end up thinking about how many competitors can you really compete with? Well, put your fears behind you and step into the ring.

Start highlighting things about your brand or product that puts you miles ahead of the competition. Don’t be afraid of direct comparisons. As long as you aren’t lying or exaggerating, you’re good. Keep things objective and you just might end up realizing that being straightforward pays, even in the cutthroat world of business.

Make the Most of Bad Publicity

As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. This is quite true, provided you know how to turn things in your favor. Even in the digital world, where bad press doesn’t die, you can still find a way out of the mess.

For instance, you can make the most of the situation by publishing some smart content that addresses any issues and offers a promise of correction (it might even be an apology). SEO optimizes this content so people can find out what your response is.

Prioritize Users

Human nature forces us to trust friends, family, and even random strangers over a brand’s marketing campaign. That’s not necessarily bad. Customers shouldn’t just trust a business. In fact, you can use this to your advantage.

Let users take over control and provide feedback that is more than just a product review or testimonial. Make the most of user-generated content. Talk to users and find out how your product helped or influenced them.

You will find a goldmine of information and content that can be used to your benefit. This kind of material is the most relatable and also highly-effective in making your brand trustworthy.

Meme It!

Content is fluid. It can exist and be used in many forms. Speaking of content fluidity, memes are some of the most effective manifestations of content and information today. They are more powerful than you think and we already know just how much of an impact they’ve had on socio-political discourse.

So get your meme game on. Find out how you can utilize memes to craft a message in favor of your brand or product. If your meme is creative and crafty enough, it will go viral. There are some businesses that are already doing it, which can serve as an inspiration.

Put Some Personality Into It!

The success of a marketing strategy often depends on having a face/voice behind your brand or product. Of course, you can’t apply this to written content or content that doesn’t necessarily need a face/voice. However, there are other forms that definitely do better with human representation.

For instance, if you’re looking to create YouTube videos, it’s better to have a face/voice that goes with the brand. Utilizing a human representation makes your content more relatable and engaging. Remember that most people don’t just want text and images.

A human voice or face can really brighten things up, especially if this voice or face has a god-like personality.

For instance, think of all the listicle videos on YouTube. Most of the good ones have an interesting voice narrating all that information. Also, most of them have the exact same voiceover. This creates familiarity and a certain level of comfort. In other words, audiences know what’s coming. The narration is also quite engaging, so there’s more personality in the content.

The use of stories and emotion in communicating your marketing messages can go a long way in boosting your brand image. As we stated earlier, people trust people and not businesses. So your brand needs human manifestations (if it already does not have one). Make sure your brand is as human as you can possibly imagine.

After all, it’s humans who buy your products.

Give Out Freebies

This isn’t exactly a new idea. Businesses have been giving away freebies for the longest of times. However, in the day and age of digital marketing, it’s become quite rare to see this. So why not resurrect the trend?

Now giving out stuff for free might sound controversial, but it isn’t. There are actually smart ways in which you can do this. For instance, you can make customers earn their freebie through contest participation.

You can organize contests and put up challenges. These are great ways to engage brands.

Or you can actually just give out stuff. It’s not uncommon for businesses to provide samples or offer a free plan etc. The reason this works is that you’re providing an initial incentive to the customer, which is probably the best way to get someone to try out whatever it is that you’re offering.

People love free stuff. So it’s the smartest tactic to grab people’s attention and get them to try out your product. It also helps customers make easier decisions.

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