Why a Slogan is Necessary for Your Brand


For several decades, businesses have been making use of slogans as part of their branding and marketing efforts. Most businesses, irrespective of size, make use of catchy phrases that differentiate them and their products from that of their competitors.

A good slogan can do a lot for a brand. It can cement the brand’s identity and send out a strong message. Get it wrong and you’re looking at some serious trouble.

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The Importance of Brand Slogans

A slogan isn’t just a tag-line as it is usually thought to be. It has a more strategic role to play. The goal or objective of a slogan is to convince the customer that your product is unique and that you are a reliable brand. This is why a slogan it needs to be well thought-out; you can’t just incorporate anything you like.

For instance, let’s think of a classic brand. How about KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)? KFC has some of the most interesting slogans out there. The brand initially went with “Finger Lickin’ Good”, which was smart, extremely attractive, and yet so simple. It made so much sense and pretty much conveyed everything that the brand was about.

The current slogan – “so good” – runs along the same lines, but is more period relevant.

Anyway, the point is that these simple but well crafted slogans made these brands instantly recognizable and obviously popular.

Slogans are basically descriptions of what the customer can expect to experience once they taste a meal at KFC. They’re designed to cement KFC’s position as a preferred eatery in the customer’s mind.

This is exactly why a majority of people across the globe instantly recognize KFC and even opt for it as a preferred eating joint.

In general, a slogan should be complete and emotionally engaging.

Slogans are a Brand’s Shadow

The goal of any brand is to have a noticeable identity. A slogan serves this role as an extra identity. It is, pretty much, attached to your brand name and is used to wherever your name shows up. In that sense, it functions as a literal shadow.

Though it is possible for a brand name to stand alone, adding a slogan is always a good idea. It acts as an ice breaker of sorts and serves as a means to communicate the very essence of what the business is all about. KFC comes into mind again as a good example of this.

Slogans give meaning to a brand, which makes the brand more appealing. Other than that, it is far more elaborate than just a name. This means that you have more words to work with. Simply put, a slogan makes it easier for you to get the core message out there.

So when developing a slogan, make sure you let it speak for the brand.


Slogans Contribute to Product Desirability

A slogan is like the brand’s DNA. So a successful slogan isn’t just something that the brand can benefit from. It must be treated as a commitment.

The slogan goes beyond just attracting customers. It also works its magic on the management and employees.

Think of it this way – a chapter or an essay can be condensed into a summary or a precis that communicates the core ideas A slogan is the precis for your brand and has to mirror the prime ethos of your organization.

They remind customers and the management of what your brand means. This can go a long way in establishing your business as a serious contender.

So make sure your slogan is developed to reflect the essence of your brand.

Slogans Develop Positive Customer Relationships

Slogans can also serve as a connector between the brand and the client; like a bridge of sorts. This obviously leads to more robust customer-business relationships. The meaning that they give to a brand name can create emotional engagement and lead people towards the brand.

As a result, customers begin to relate and become more inclined towards your brand. This contributes to an increased ROI.

So make sure your slogans are connected to human aspects and typical life situations. You must touch the consumer on an emotional level.


Slogans Offer a Proper Perspective of Your Business

Slogans also offer an elegant perspective of a business. This attracts the right kind of audience and helps them engage with the brand emotionally. A good example of this would be NGOs. NGOs often come up with slogans that advertise their mission/objective and also create an emotional or sentimental connection.

So make sure you define your objective and goals before you come up with a slogan.

Slogans are Predictable

Slogans are predictable and that’s a good thing. Predictability means there is nothing vague or ambiguous going on. Taking the example of KFC again, a slogan like “Finger Lickin’ Good” or “So Good” makes it fairly obvious that the brand is associated with a food product of some kind. This sort of predictability is what creates an identity.

Slogans are Memorable

You want your brand to be memorable. That’s an obvious expectation and goal. But the problem with just a brand name is that it isn’t very memorable. You’re talking about a simple noun at best. How can one word communicate an entire persona or identity?

This is why slogans are used. Slogans are like an introduction. They give you an idea of what to expect.

Now, when a slogan is constructed well enough, it can even trigger a recall. In other words, a slogan makes your brand memorable.

For instance, the words “Just Do It” obviously triggered a recall in your head just now. You’re sure to have though of Nike and no other brand. But things don’t just end there. Even if you’re hearing those words for the first time, you can automatically guess that it’s talking about guts, courage, and determination – qualities associated with sports. So you’re likely to arrive at the conclusion that the slogan is for a sports brand.

This is the power of a slogan.

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