Why Your Real-Estate Firm Needs Video Marketing


There are certain industries that heavily depend on visual motivators to make a sale. Real Estate is one of them.

Just think about it. Is there any other way that you can highlight the positive qualities of a home? Of course, you could argue that an actual walkthrough would achieve the same results.

But, walkthroughs aren’t always possible. Plus, you need something that’s capable of convincing the prospect to actually drop in for a walkthrough. That’s something only video can achieve.

Now, you might think images can achieve the same? Well, images can never be as descriptive as video.

The cold hard truth is that video marketing is the perfect solution when your primary objective is to communicate as many details as possible without putting in too much effort.

A video offers prospects a full-view of what their future property can look like. Videos, in fact, also provide a certain level of accuracy.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Several studies have pointed out the significance of video marketing for real estate. One such study was conducted by the NAR or National Association of Realtors. This study discovered several interesting facts and trends.

For instance, the study found that 73% of sellers were likely to settle for a real estate agent/service that leveraged video marketing to sell properties. Ironically, the study also found that only 5% of real estate agents actually follow the video marketing approach.

Video is a big deal and that’s reflected in the fact that YouTube functions as the second largest search engine, right after Google. If your website is optimized to highlight videos, there’s a 57% chance that you’ll end up on the first page in a Google search result.

Needless to say, a higher ranking in the search results means more visitors and that translates to more leads, which ultimately results in more buyers. Basically, video leads to better results.

The internet is where everybody goes today to find solutions for their problems and answers to their questions. Video is one of the many tools used to provide this kind of information. So, including video in your property/real estate site can help meet customer needs. Videos are extremely effective at communicating precise information and they manage to do this in much less time than, let’s say, text or images.

So, in a way, you’re also saving time for your prospective buyers/sellers. They don’t have to go through volumes of text.

It’s now clear just how important video is for real estate marketing.

Home buyers and sellers are increasingly leveraging the online world to market or buy properties. If you’re a real estate firm or agent, the internet is where you’ll find your target audience.

For instance, did you know that the average visitor spends around 6 minutes on a website with video-based information? In comparison, websites without videos see visitors only spending about 48 seconds. That’s less than a minute.

To give you a clearer idea, here is a list of things that are likely to happen when you include video on your website.

Enhanced SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, most of us are used to the idea of textual content such as blogs and articles. However, it’s not just textual content that can be optimized for search engines. Videos can be optimized as well.

You see, videos have textual components such as meta-data and titles, which can be embedded with keywords. In fact, YouTube isn’t just a regular video portal. It actually serves an excellent source of SEO and backlinks.

So, start producing creative videos that inform your audience. Leverage the power of video to boost your advertising.

Improved Advertising

Videos are perfect advertising tools. Think about it – what is the first thing you think of when you come across the term “advertising”? Well, we can bet you a million dollars that you first thought of your favorite TV commercials instead of a cleverly worded print ad. That’s the power of video. It’s so engaging that it’s almost become synonymous with the word advertisement or advertising.

A 30-second video advertisement can convey way more information than a 1000- word article or blog. Think about it. Would you rather read about the amenities in a house or see actual video evidence of it?

That brings us to another aspect of video marketing.

More Trust

There was a time when customers just trusted the words of a salesman or the words printed on a piece of paper. But, all that changed when videos became part of the marketing plan. You see, seeing is believing and therefore, it is easier to convince your audience with video.

Images can be doctored and text can be exaggerated. Of course, we aren’t saying videos can’t be edited or enhanced, but it’s far more difficult. So, customers tend to trust businesses that offer video evidence of the products and services they offer.

So, a video of a property is likely to be taken far more seriously than a brochure that lists out every detail.

More Information

As we stated earlier, video is just more informative. We’ll elaborate on this a little more.

You see, if you want to offer detailed information in textual form, you’re going to have to enter in a lot of words and that’s just downright boring. Most of your prospects are going to have a problem absorbing all that information.

Humans are visual learners with short attention spans. That’s a scientific fact. So, video serves as an ideal tool when it comes to conveying information. It can do in a few seconds what text can do in pages and hours.

If you want to know about, let’s say, the texture of the paint on the walls, wouldn’t it make sense to get a first-hand view of things via video rather than read a few hundred words about it?

Video is the Way!

The bottom line is simple – video marketing is your best weapon. The statistics prove it and moreover, it’s just a matter of common sense. Real estate marketing requires a strong visual component and the best solution in that regard is the incorporation of video.

Wondering how you can take the first step towards a video marketing approach? Well, Crafted can help you. We’ve been helping real estate businesses meet their targets for years now. Visit our video production page for more details.

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